A little about our team!

Our team
ABC hacks is run by a passionate and dedicated 3-member team that includes Jack,David and Mark. If you wish to know more about our team simply have a read below.

Jack is an avid gamer and one of the two founding members of ABC hacks. He came up with the idea and invested plenty of his own personal resources to get the team up and running. He is in charge of general operations.
David is the other founding member. He likes playing 8 Ball Pool and Pixel Gun 3D! Upon hearing about the idea of coming up with the site from Jack, he was immediately sold in and invested quite a lot of time and effort to help create the site. He is in charge of content development and marketing.
Mark is our IT specialist. He is an expert in several gaming programming languages. He selected the team of freelancers that developed the algorithm for the hack. He is in charge of maintenance of the site and ensuring the generator continues working as intended.

About our Company

 About Us
ABC is one of the leading hack sites on the NET. The site was built and created by Jack and David in the year 2016 to offer gamers safe and effective online hacks which can get them free in-game resources for several online and phone-based games!

Our Story
It was somewhere in the middle of October 2016 when Jack was playing 8 ball pool that he conceived the idea of building an effective hack site! On that particular day, Jack had been binge playing the game and he quickly became frustrated with the need to wait for coins to accumulate or having to play a countless number of times just to get the coins he needed to enter certain tournaments! He then opted to search for a hack site that could provide him with free in-game resources but could not find one that was consistently effective. After a couple of frustrating failed attempts, he opted to build his own. He contacted his friend David (also an avid gamer), and the two of them combined ideas and resources to build this site!

We are very proud of our services that we offer, ABC hacks strives to be the number one hacking company and won’t stop until we are number one, thanks for taking your time and reading about our team!